Ariel & Otelia Vergez are a husband + wife design team based in Miami, FL. They met in art school during an Ergonomics class where their collaborative endeavors started over a class project which was love at first concept sketch. Many projects and 5 children later they created Vergez, Inc. to be able to create a deeper relationship between their first love for the fine arts and the strategic thinking necessary for successful design. They both have worked for over a decade with prominent architecture and product design firms until starting their own collaborative in 2012. They have worked with clients such as Whole Foods, Nintendo, Vanity Fair Magazine, Hasbro, Generosity Water, Martha Stewart & LaCroix as well as working alongside multiple non-profits with a focus on social good. 

They are passionate storytellers with a unique gift of understanding professional business practices while holding equal value for the need of art to be infused into every project. They believe art has the power to create beauty, change the way people think, bring awareness and ultimately create paradigm shifts in culture - which can equal success for your endeavor. Vergez, Inc. works with a team of collaborators including other designers, architects, engineers, artisans, welders, carpenters, artists ect. that are available to help bring your ideas to life. 

At the core, the spaces + objects they design are stories that want to be told & experienced.  

Do you have a story you want to tell? A crazy idea, a business venture that needs some strategic thinking + visuals? We’d love to chat.