Malcolm X-Men — Dreamers

By Ariel Vergez

Malcolm X-Men — Dreamers

“Malcolm X-Men”, the first installment in the series entitled “Dreamers” is a political mashup, ironically pairing political figures, heroes and otherwise with their current day mythological equivalent, mixing legendary civil rights leaders of the present and past with iconic comic book heroes. This series thrusts domestic and international cases of  inequality, social injustice, abuse of power, and dehumanization into an action packed super heroe alternative universe. 

Malcolm X-Men Days of Dreamers Passed

What started as a play on words and punny visual juxtaposition turned more introspective as the vail of political correctness unravelled around us. A more sophisticated message to bring light to the civil injustices plaguing the United States in the recent years was formed.

This series addresses the hot topics occurring domestically and internationally of inequality, social injustice, and abuse of power in the world. This body of work combines

“Dreamers” aims at continuing a conversation started in the 60s and 70s by our fallen icons such as: Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X & Gandhi. Join the conversation, let your voice be heard and have the audacity to change the social psyche on this matter. We are the dream.